Winston Churchill on Zebra, 1992 Teapot by Tom Hatton

This unusual character teapot was made by Tom Hatton Ceramics during the early 1990's. It features a likeness of Winston Churchill, with his tradmark victory handsign, riding a zebra. Character teapots during this era had their riders on either horses or zebras. The riders included likenesses of Queen Elizabeth, Henry VIII, Winston Churchill and, of course, the artist himself. Standing 10 1/2 inches tall, 9 inches long and 5 inches wide, this earthenware pot is in absolutely perfect condition. The head is removeable and the tea pours from the zebra's mouth. The brown glaze on the saddle and shoes has a watercolor look, but that was the nature of that particular color.This is a rare teapot, probably less than two dozen were produced. I had put aside 3 Churchill teapots for posterity, but I have decided it would by okay to cull the herd a little in order to make room... for more work.This beautiful teapot is totally hand-painted and you have a space on your shelf for this jaunty gentleman?