WINTER LANDSCAPE IS A REPRODUCTION OF A DRAWING MY MOTHER DREW. SHE WAS VERY FAST AND SPONTANEOUS IN HER DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS. "Welcome to the Works of ART NOVEAU and the World of POP ARTIST Ms. Ruth Freeman. "I Tutored with my Mother a Folk Artist who Emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1923 and Taught Art in Pittsburgh,PA."I Helmed my Mother's Crafts and the resulting years of my Mothers and Our Love of Simple Ethnic Drawings, Colorings and Designs Founded in the Light of Freedom from persecution in a World Conflict which was at that time yet Raging.A World my Mother Escaped from in her Native Homeland of Germany previous to the Apocalyptic Events of the 20th Century.Ruth Freeman currently runs her Studio from within her Home and is presently selling her Catalogues of Art Created Between 1950-2009 of her Retro,Vintage,Art Noveau Styled Paintings,Prints,Lino Prints,Woodcut Prints,Drawings,Sketches and Colorings of Her Innt Capabilities representative of her Modest Childhood Naivete Homeschooling as taught to her by her Artist Mother Irma Gutel.Both Artists are Self Taught and Schooled Folk Artists relative to a Prewar and a Postwar World.If you Find this Liberating Art to be of Value Ruth Freemans Art not only Mimics her Mothers Spirit of Love of Freedom but was further Influenced by the Unique POP ART GENERATION

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