Winterhilfswerk" 1935/36 Plate, Germany, Historical


This 8", white plate decorated with a blue and white winter scene has "Winterhilfswerk 1935/36" inscribed on a banner at the bottom of the scene. "Winterhilfswerk", (WHW) was a German Government Program providing food to the needy in the winter. People who donated got little prizes or books. I don't know if this plate was a reward or a commemorative item produced by " Waechtersbach, Germany." It has the company stamp on the underside and some incised marks which I cannot read. It is in perfect condition except for 1 tiny nick on the rim. I have only found one other item like this and the seller was asking 75 euros for it and it was quite chipped. This plate has two holes in the rim on it's back so it can be hung up for display.