Wireless Era A.W. Bowman Crystal Detector Radio * Works

Vintage wireless era crystal set manufactured by A.W. Bowman of Boston, Mass. This early crystal radio has the makers marks on either end of the tuning coil, and on the base of the large crystal detector. Connected to an outdoor aerial and ground, I was able to receive several stations on the Standard Broadcast band.

The detector is complete and and has a spring detector arm to tension the catswhisker and a ball and socket detector arm for adjustment. The radio is in fairly good condition, with some marks, and a few extra holes, marks and finish crazing. The tuning coil uses two sliders for freqency adjustment. The wiring on the coil is tight, but t is a flat spot on the bottom that can't be seen. I am not certain of the year of the detector, but it is at least early twenties, given the large size of the detector it may date back to the teens (the base of the detector is 6 inches long). E-mail me any questions.