WITCH EVIL SPELLS GWP Disney 5 Pins + MAP Set Lot Pin

Disneyland Resort (DLR)

W Evil Spells Are Always Broken

MAP + 5 GWP Pins

Featured is this hard to collect, highly desired Disneyland Resort (DLR) MAP with all 5 GWP pins attached that are currently released. The Maleficent pin was released on 1 July 07. The Ursula pin along with the Map was released 3 Aug 07. The JAFAR pin was released 2 Sep 07. The old Hag was released 7 Nov and Hazel was released 4 Nov. The remaining pin will be release on the first Sunday in Dec 07. Map is titled "DISNEYLAND - W EVIL SPELLS ARE ALWAYS BROKEN".

Pin #1: Maleficent is the villain from Sleeping Beauty. She is holding a purple book titled "Spinning Wheels, What's the Point?". Her raven, Diablo sits on the book. The pin has an oval shaped background with dark purple border. T are greenish flames behind Maleficent.

Pin #2: Ursula is reading a book that says "Spells for Evil Sea Witches - Lockets and their charms". The pin has a yellow and purple border, some blue and whites bubbles and Ariel's seashell.

Pin #3: Jafar, the villainous Grand Vizier from Aladdin, is holding a purple book entitled, "WISH NOT, WANT NOT! LAMP GUIDE." His left hand is sticking out the right side of the pin. T is a geometric-design oval border of black, red, orange and yellow behind him.

Pin #4: Old Hag/Witch, the
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