Witch Hunters Sisters of Battle Exorcist - Part Paint

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Item for Sale: Sisters of Battle Exorcist

Manufacturer: Games Workshop

Material: plastic and metal

Condition: partially painted to a nice tabletop standard

Details of note: none

!!The picture is of the actual item(s) for sale!!

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I set the minimum bid or Buy it Now according to the condition of the item(s) for sale. Generally, I price things within the guidelines below, however some items are priced based on their rarity or other unique factors. The below is a rough guideline and may be adjusted at anytime:

New in box or on spruce: 25 - 30% off retail

Painted table top quality: 10 - 20% off retail

Painted above table top quality: 10% above retail - 10% off retail

Pro-painted: 20% above retail - retail

Poorly painted metal: 30 - 40% off retail

Poorly painted plastic: 50% or more off retail

Assembled well (bare plastic/metal
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