***Witches Fingers ~ Two Towers ~ Quartz Crystals***

***Witches Finger***

~~~ Two Towers ~~~

((( Japan Law Penetrator Twins )))

" Zambia - Africa "

2" inches tall x 1-7/8" x 1-3/4" inches wide

60 Grams

This awesome cluster has two main towers and both the towers are multi terminated with small penetrator and various other crystals attached. The taller of the two is heavily encrusted at the termination making it difficult to see the points, it features a good sized downward pointing multi terminated penetrator tabby crystal at the bottom on the outside of the cluster.

The shorter tower is a also tabby with a bifurcated split termination with multiple points and has a small penetrator crystal growing right out of the split between the two main terminations. The tabby is also sprouting a pair of fantastic japan law twins taking up the middle of the cluster, one on each side.

The matrix is a conglomeration of small crystals too numerous to mention, mixed with clumps of black sphalerite, shiny muscovite/zinnwaldite prismatic crystals, clusters of small black aegerine, and has a superficial coating of what appears to be white kaolinite.

The crystals have exceptional clarity for witches fingers and give a clear view of the many different inclusions inside.

Witches fingers quartz crystals come from a
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