Wizard of Oz 50th Anniv. Musical Jack in the Box-Tinman

Up for bid, is a Wizard of Oz, 50th Anniversary Collection Action Musical Jack-in-the-Box in good condition.

Superbly crafted of porcelain, fabric, and wood, this collectible action musical jack-in-the-box recaptures one of the silver screen's most memorable characters. As a tribute to the Golden Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz , "The Tinman" is featured clad all in silver just as we recall him. He is housed in a beautifully illustrated box decorated with nostalgic scenes from the beloved movie. This collectible is further inhanced as the Tinman moves to the tune "We're Off To See The Wizard".

This is the kind w the lid stays open at all times. It measures 4 1/4" by 4 1/4" by 9 1/2" tall. The doll itself moves around while the song is playing. Just wind it up to hear for yourself!