Wizard of Oz PAIR of Fete Miniature Ruby Slippers

A pair of Fete Ruby Slipper Miniature Shoes

Want to add a colorful spark of Oz magic to your home or office? Then our glimmering Ruby Slipper Replicas is just the ticket to liven things up. This lovely item is a miniature representation of the ruby red slippers that cushioned Dorothy's feet on the Yellow Brick Road and then took her back to Kansas with three taps of her heels. Measuring approximately two inches tall by four inches long, this ozsome pair is every bit as durable and attractive as the pair adorned by Judy Garland - and unlike the fabled pairs worn in the movie, these won't set you back a small fortune!

The entire piece is delicately covered with shimmering ruby red glitter fabric while the bottom sole is made of sturdy caramel-colored leather and the inside is lined with plush black velvet. The bow at the front of the shoe is outlined with golden borders and captures the effervescence and magic that is unique to Oz. Ideal as a ruby slipper collector's item for Dorothy aficionados or as a gift for anyone who has ever dreamed of going somew over the rainbow, this delightful item is a charming decoration for work, school, home or anyw you want to add a wicked splash of color.

Normally offered as a single shoe, we've combined two into their box for a complete set of ruby slippers because... one
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