Wizard of OZ 50th Anniversary VHS w/REBATE CHECK *RARE*

In 1989, MGM/UA and Downy offered a $5.00 rebate to folks who purchased the 50th Anniversary edition The Wizard of Oz on VHS tape. Those who sent in for the rebate were shocked when they received not a simple blue & white bank note but a FULL COLOR, GOLD EMBOSSED, 8.5" x 5.5" CERTIFICATE bearing images from the iconic film. The bottom portion is indeed a $5.00 check drawn on Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh. Many people could not bring themselves to hand over such a work of art to a bank teller for a mere 5 bucks. Those that remain intact have become very collectible. The checks expired in August of 1990 and have no face value at this time.
What a great set for any Wizard of Oz collector! Auction includes: A gently used copy of the 50th Anniversary edition of THE WIZARD OF OZ on VHS. The box has some minor wear on the edges and there is a distinct crease where the flap folds back to reveal the anniversary booklet. The booklet is in perfect condition, as is the VHS tape itself. This is the exact VHS tape for which the rebate check was issued .The "Royal Bank of Oz" $5.00 rebate check. The check has been stored in the original envelope since it was issued and is in MINT condition. The top and bottom sections are attached and there is no sign of damage to the perforation. The original shipping envelope the rebate check was mailed
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