Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hermione TIME TURNER KEYCHAIN IRREGULAR

i000000Wizarding World of Harry Potter Exclusive

IRREGULAR Time Turner Keychain

Do you ever wish you had more time to get it all done? Sure, we all do! NOW THERE IS AN ANSWER! Hermione's Time Turner is now available in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in keychain form! So much easier to carry around Diagon Alley, while doing errands in Hogsmeade, or Quidditch practice, where ever your day takes you! Crystaline sand inside the hourglass. Beautiful golden finish. These maverick Time Turner Keychains are imperfect, each having a bit of character. There may be some sand stuck to the inside of the hourglass, some pitting on the hourglass from the sand, or the sand may not flow properly into each chamber. This is a great way to get a good discount on a highly desired rare item! Due to the nature of the item, no returns can be accepted for these unique keychains. Can be easily be converted to a pendant!

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