Wizard's Magical Staff, Wand, Merlin, Sorcerer

Magical Staff of Merlin by The Franklin Mint
This item showed itself briefly after the year 2000. I do not have the original paperwork or box, but the back of the display has a brass engraved placque that states it is a Franklin Mint collectible. I believe it was called Merlin's Staff, which is why I added it to my heading. The wand/staff is 24" long and 5.5" wide. The top is made of Stainless steel and is layered in Gold. T a 2 purple cabochons, 1 on each side and a 1.75" diameter irridescent crystal ball tucked inside. The part that resembles bone is some kind of formed plastic, but this is a really striking piece of artistry. Both side have the same details so you get 180º of detail on this wonderful staff.
The display case is 11"wide and 30" long and is backed with a deep blue velvet. The frame itself is silver and on the back is the brass engraved plate inscribed "The Franklin Mint".
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