I'm not sure if I have 89 copies of any one week of WLS charts in the 70s. There's a few that are close. So if that's the case, you can have 89 different ones. As was the case with the lot of 60s WLS surveys, I don't know which ones you're gonna get. I could have about four binders full of 70s WLS charts to go with the four binders of 60s charts. I think I only have three binders of 80s charts. That reminds me I gotta go get an 80s chart to scan later. Wait until you see the deal I have for you on that! So it will be the first 89 I pull out of the binders. If I reach that amount by late 1971, then that's what you get, or I might have to go deep into 1979 before reaching it. Actually I'll try to give a representative amount from all 10 years. Now if you want to be the big Kahuna Of Surveys, I'm quite willing to sell out so I can lead a life of luxury. Just make sure your Paypal balance is high enough. However the fish ain't biting. Remember If I sell this lot, I can make more packages. So you know where to send in your want lists. Insurance is mandatory and is included in the shipping & handling costs. Also note that eBay has increased their final value fees from 8.75% to 10% which contributes to the higher shipping & handling cost.Since it's the 70s decade. I've reduced the price to $70.00.