Wm Rogers Mfg. Co. Commemorative Presidential Spoons


Up for your consideration today is a very collectible 36 spoon set of US Presidents marked Wm.Rogers Mfg.Co IS

All in very good + condition. All need cleaning and polishing. Silverplate Each spoon is decorated with a bas relief of the president, the name runs down the spoon shaft, and the bowl is decorated with a scene of an important event or place during the president's term The set includes George Washington/John Adams/Thomas Jefferson/James Madison/James Monroe/John Adams/Andrew Jackson/Martin Van Buren/William Henry Harrison/John Tyler/James Polk/Zachary Taylor/Millard Filmore/Franklin Pierce/James Buchanan/Abraham Lincoln/Andrew Johnson/Ulysses S Grant/Rutherford B Hayes/James Garfield/Chester Arthur/Grover Cleveland/(Grover Cleveland served 2 terms but only 1 spoon was released showing both terms)/Benjamin Harrison/ William McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt/William H Taft/Woodrow Wilson/Warren Harding/Calvin Coolidge/Herbert Hoover/Franklin D Roosevelt/Harry Truman/Dwight D Eisenhower/John F Kennedy/ Lyndon B Johnson/ Richard Nixon The spoons measure 6 inches long with a 1 1/4 inch bowl The photos show only 35 spoons; the Richard Nixon spoon was added to the set after the pictures were taken. The Gerald Ford spoon would be required to complete the set. No box or paperwork
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