Wm. Rogers & Son 'Exquisite' Silverware Flatware Set

is a 53 Piece Wm. Rogers & Sons Silverware Set.Serves 8.

Please note that this auction is actually for 54 pieces, not 53.
I chose not polish these pieces out of fear of doing something incorrectly and decided to leave that decision up to the next owner.
The 'Exquisite' set includes the following:
8 Soup Spoons
12 Tea Spoons
8 Salad Forks
7 Dinner Forks
2 Large Serving Spoons
1 Butter Knife
1 Small Spoon (Likely for sugar)
8 Large Knives
The hilts of the 8 Large Knives all have the 'Exquisite' pattern but, as you can see in the photos, the blades have a different luster than the silver. Each blade has the word "STAINLESS" inscribed on it.
The remaining seven other pieces are from the Wm. Rogers A1 PLUS IS collection and consist of 3 Table Spoons and 4 Dinner Forks. All seven appear separately in one of the photos. These 7 pieces seem to show the most wear in the set, especially the tines of these forks.
As you can see from the photos, this set is used. Every piece shows at least some kind of wear, particularly the tines of the the large forks. A few pieces have a slight bend to them.
The storage chest itself is in decent condition. I'd grade it a C overall.
For anyone not interested in the storage chest, I will happily package and ship the silverware alone (without

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