Wm Rogers & Son Silverware Flatware VICTORIAN ROSE

This is a great find for anyone who collects the Victorian Rose silverware pattern. I'm not exactly sure what date the Victorian Rose pattern was released, but my parents received the set for a wedding gift and they were married in 1946. The tarnish resistant wooden case is very heavy and is in fairly good condition. The set is from Wm. Rogers & Son. Each piece has the International Silver Co. insignia. Upon closer inspection of the set, I noticed that some, not all, of the pieces are lightly engraved with the letter K, which can barely be seen.

This is not a complete set, t are a few pieces missing. The set contains:

8 Knives
8 Forks
8 Dessert Forks
16 Teaspoons
4 Tablespoons
1 Serving Spoon
1 Sugar Spoon
1 Butter Knife
1 Ladel Spoon
1 Slated Spoon
1 Serving Fork

DISCLAIMER: I am not a collector and did not have any prior knowledge of this flatware set before the listing except for the fact of knowing that my parents received the set as a wedding gift in the 1940s and it remained packed away for most of those years. When researching the Wm Rogers & Son and the International Silver companies prior to listing, I came up with conflicting information. One source stated that the Victorian Rose pattern was first released in 1954 and another source stated that the
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