WMF Art Nouveau Silver Claret Jug Germany C1900 NO/RSRV

Antique WMF Art Nouveau Silver Claret Jug, Germany, Ca 1900
Antique WMF Art Nouveau silvered metal lidded claret Jug, Germany, ca 1900.
This claret jug is beautifully crafted, decorated with scrolls and scrolling foliage, typical to the Art Nouveau era.
Set with a large stylized handle.
Topped by a uniquely shaped knob.
Made and marked by the renowned German maker - WMF.
An absolute must for any serious collector.
Highly sought after by collectors.
THE FACTORY - WMF ( Wurttembergische Metallwaren Fabrik )
The firm WMF were producing metal ware in different styles:
* Classical
* Art Nouveau ( Jugendstil )
* Art Deco
* Celtic / Viking revival
* Bauhaus
* Hotel ware
The Celtic / Viking revival style was introduced to compare against the English Arts & Crafts movement.
During the first world war, Hugo Debach, who would later become director-general of WMF, took the initiative in having experiments conducted in chemical and thermal tinting of metals. Shortly before 1927 he founded the Neue Kunstgewerbliche Abteilung (NKA: New Division for the Applied Arts) at WMF for upgrading metals. The brilliant colors and the boundless possibilities for design arising from this new technique met with resounding success at the time
1853 - The
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