WMMT DX+ - Custom Car Order

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus
BEFORE or AFTER purchasing these cards from us please provide the following information:
Let us know what you would like to "NAME" your card. *5 Letters / Numbers / Symbols MAXIMUM.
~ Please see the picture below to see what you are able to use to name your card.
*note that you are also able to use "lowercase" letters as well. Send us a message via "eBay Messages" or "Contact the Seller" links, letting us know the car you want and the name. If you DO NOT answer our emails within 7 business days, we will send out a random card (from the list below) with the name "GUEST".
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X [CZ4A]
Name: Your Name (Up To 5 Characters MAX)
Color: Red
Title: Wangan Beginner
Rank: A7
HP: 825HP/DG
Mileage: 1,500+ KM
Ghost Mode Dress Up Level: 46
Ghost Mode Coins: 132
Outrun Mode:All S Rank (except Fukuoka)
Stars: 0
DX Racing Meter
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+
~ C1 Rank - Pure Stock Car (0 stars, 0 coins, 0 dress up)
- Your Name - 820HP
Fairlady Z [S30]
Colors Available - Orange

General Information/Payment/Shipping Terms Maximum Tune Information :
Each card is 25USD + Shipping Fees (See Below) Each Bid is for ONE card. You must supply a NAME for the card(s) you want (5 Letters/Characters
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