WOLF Buckskin Medicine Bag Deer Skin Leather Necklace Pendant Brown 1013

Medicine Bags are a tool of power for your spiritual journey.

This Medicine bag is made from deer skin, and features a branded Howling Wolf on the front.

It has a 25 inch tie, and the bag it self measures 3.25 inches long by 1.75 inches wide.

Think of a medicine bag as a container for your portable living altar.

Carry those items that represent your inner work, take time to open the bag and create your altar, wherever you are.

Wrap the objects in a special cloth, and use the cloth as a place for your spread. Meditate with them.

Wear the bag close to you, fill it with your intent, and grow your life.

Note: The one you receive may be not be of exact shade or texture in the leather as one pictured, due to variations in buck skin tanning process.

Note: The one you receive may vary in color of the bead . Buck skin leather varies in shade of brown and texture due to the variations in the tanning process, and where on the hide it was cut from.

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