Wolf Creek Primitive Folk Art Carved Circus High Wire Act

Watching the circus come to town – every child’s fondest dream! For the child in all of us, we bring you the High Wire Act straight from the Big Top.

The High Wire Act figures are hand carved and painted collection by the artisans at Wolf Creek of Eldora, Iowa. It is one of the many pieces that make up the Circus Collection. The High Wire Act is 17 1/8 inches tall, 14 1/8 inches wide, and 3 ½ inches deep. The daring young man looks terrified as he is ready to step out onto the high wire. The beautiful girl stands carefully with one foot on the wire, holding an umbrella for balance. The Wolf Creek brand is on the bottom of the base, but the artist did not sign and date this piece.

The High Wire Act is in very good condition, but I did note some small droplets of hot glue on the posts. I do not want to try to remove them for fear of causing some damage, but I would encourage you to try yourself. The price is discounted because of the imperfection.

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Item: SW 274