Wolf Creek Primitive Folk Art Carved American Indian Woman

History, or oral legend, tells us that the Wampanoag Indian tribetaught the Pilgrims survival skills in the harsh New World. The Pilgrims suffered through the first year and lived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving, sharing the bounty of the new year with the native American Indians, without whose help they would have all perished.

The American Indian Woman figure is in the hand carved and painted collection by the artisans at Wolf Creek of Eldora, Iowa, and is one of four figures that make up the Thanksgiving Collection. The American Indian Woman stands 9 ¼ inches tall, 3 ½ inches wide and 2 ¼ inches deep. She is painted in a primitive folk art style, but whether her clothing is correct for Wampanoag, I do not know. The American Indian Woman wears a one-shouldered tunic, tied at the waist by a red belt and deeply fringed at the bottom. Her black hair is held in place by a decorative band and is in two thick braids hanging down her back. Her arms are movable. She was fashioned by artist Karen Rankin in 1987. The Wolf Creek brand is on the bottom.

Waterfall Antiques & More was fortunate to acquire 11 pieces from various collections. The pieces of each collection will be offered at auction and can be viewed and purchased separately. We will be happy to combine orders if you choose to purchase more than one. Contact
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