Wolf Creek wooden figurines

These are creations from 1986 by Wolf Creek, a folk art studio based in Eldora, Iowa. Wolf Creek has been producing delightfully primitive hand-carved figures since 1978 when a young entrepreneur named Rick Sharp began producing a line of wood toys in his hometown of Beaman, Iowa. Sharp named his company after the creek that runs through the town and hired local retirees as his production workers. The wide range of handcrafted products he began marketing included carved animals, wooden blocks, trains, cars and other items that eventually developed a national reputation in the gift industry. Today, Wolf Creek products can be found in Japan, Italy, France, England, Australia and Germany, as well as on the sets of such television shows a L.A. Law, the Wonder years, and Mr. Belvedere.In 1980, Sharp was approached at a trade show by representatives of the Lillian Vernon catalog company. They were interested in a bat-and-ball rack made by the company and asked Sharp if he could fill a shipment of 5000 in two weeks.Though t were only a few of this product on hand, he said "yes" and immediately went into production 24 hours a day to meet the request. During the production of this order, Wolf Creek was destroyed by fire and was forced to start rebuilding West of Beaman. In order to continue production, and meet the deadline for Lillian Vernon, ... read more