Wolf Trap Long Sluice Box, Folds 2 Speed Riffle Mining Prospecting Gold Panning-

Wolf Trap Mining Sluices

New Long Sluice Box

Only 28" long Folded

Designed For Back Packing

Or To Fit Inside Of A Suit Case

This is for a NEW Sluice
With an Adjustable Speed Riffle


All Bidders Well Be Given A Second Chance Offer.

This auction is for a single Long Sluice Box.

You will be getting one of the finest Sluice boxes made today.

You will also find that it contains one of their famous FLIPPING RIFFLES , which is just the ticket for those changing water conditions you always find. They make the only riffle on the market today that can be Quickly Changed for whatever water conditions you run into.

Why You Need A Wolf Trap Sluice Box:

In a standard Sluice Box the water must rise to go over the riffle. The water that enters the sluice is at a given speed and volume. If your water is 2 inches deep at a given speed and you introduce a riffle into it. The flow of the water can't go up get to clear the riffle. So it must go faster. If the riffle is 1 inch high the water speed increases 2 times. This means: The gold won't drop out as fast because the water is faster. Hence you need a longer sluice box. Not just 2 times longer but probably closer to 4 or 5 times longer
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