Wolverine - Old Man Logan (Complete Run) 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 Giant Size 1 Set

Wolverine 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 and Giant Size 1
8 book total
Issue 66 in VFNMor better
Issue 67 in VFNM or better
Issue 68 in VFNM or better
Issue 69 in NM- or better
Issue 70 in FVF
Issue 71 in VFNM or better
Issue 72 in NM- or better
Giant Size 1 in VF+ or better. Slight roll right side as book doesn't lay lay. See pic.
All grades above are my opinion only most issues square corners, nice Gloss, lay flat **
** issue 70 and Giant Size are the lesser grades of lot!
Shipping will be free !!! So load up. Free shipping up to 24 comics. After would be a cost (as it would go into a legal box ) of 5.60
A little incentive :)
On comic grading, I am only providing a grade to help you make an informed purchasing decision. As it is subjective, so only the viewer/buyer should determine the grade.
If you are not sure that the condition of the comic book(s) is to your desired condition then please do not bid without first asking for clarification and or more pictures of that particular book.
When you pay for your collectible(s) please be aware that I don't ship to addresses not registered to the buyer upon purchase. This is for the protection of both parties and confirmed address are from PayPal where the item will be shipped (which should
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