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You are bidding on a X-men Origins: Wolverine Limited Edition Sketchafex Sketch Card by Kevin West. T are only 48 unique, one of a kind Kevin West Sketch cards in this card series. That's only one 1/1 Kevin West Sketch card per 125 boxes! Or stated another way, a Kevin West 1/1 Sketch card every 10.5 cases!

This is a vivid half face portrait of Wolverine/Logan with his trademark snarl exposing a single fang perhaps indicating the onset of some classic beserker rage directed at the Hulk, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red or any number of antagnostic adversaries.

Kevin West has been a penciller for Marvel, DC, Wildstorm, Malibu, Disney, Acclaim and several other independent comics publishers since 1991. He studied art at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

He's worked on Justice League of America, Blue Beetle, Magestic, Gen 13, Nightmare on Elm Street, Guardians of the Galaxy, Galactic Guardians, X-Factor, Silver Surfer and others. He's also worked on video games, storyboards, designing Christmas and Halloween products (ornaments, stockings, door panels, animated figures), illustrating children's books, theater posters, character designs and coloring books.

More of his work can be viewed @ /GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=32972

This card will ship in a ultra pro one touch loader
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