Woman's institute Library of Cookery Volumes 1 - 5 1925

These wonderful books belonged to my grandmother, Cornelia, who was born in 1905. Instead of high school, she attended a business course and graduated in 1921, at the age of 16. She worked at a 5 & 10 and then at a construction firm until she met and married my grandfather, Bert, in 1927. I like to think of her studying these books so she could cook delicious meals and manage a kitchen with flair and great economy but I can't tell that she used them much. Some of the books maybe not at all! My grandmother was a good cook and many of her skills in canning and preserving I'm sure were passed down through the generations. She taught my mother canning and preserving and I learned from her. I'm guessing Grandma didn't need a book. She married Bert at the onset of the Great Depression and had 5 children. No need to learn economy. Economy was the only way to survive financially.
The book's covers show some wear as you can see in the photos (I apologize for my really bad photography! I'm skilled in the domestic arts but photography is not a skill I possess.) but they are in very good shape over all. The pages have mellowed to a creamy beige but they are smooth and unworn. The edges are all crisp and clean. No dog ears. Hardly any sign of use.
Each volume was published in 1925. Volume 1 was originally published in 1917 but the
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