Womens Black Latex Catsuit, zippered Crotch. sz Small

This suit is still in it's matte style (the dull color as it is BRAND NEW). For those who are not familiar with true latex, it always starts off in a matte color and you add the shine agent yourself to achieve the level of gloss you desire. This suit has never been worn-- I bought it but it was too long for me. It is a women's sz small, generally fitting someone 5'5- 5'8 or so, 90 -118lbs, give or take (its quite stretchy). The first picture is the suit in what will be its shined form, the 2nd 2 are the actual suit (the powder on it is talc). The suit has a full back zip from neck to crotch, with a 2nd zipper specifically for the crotch area. The suit is 100% latex, well glued on it's seams so should give someone quite a bit of use as long as it is taken care of. It is a full body suit, covering the neck to the feet- only exposing the hands & head of the person wearing it. Paypal is required, payment must be made within 3 days. I will do free shipping with Buy it Now, or just $7.95 auction price ( US only , on both). The suit is lovely, and will make someone very happy. The catsuit ships from Southern California, not China (lol), so you'll receive it in a week or less. Thanks for looking~
This website gives excellent tips on your latex suit, from how to develop it's initial shine (which is quite simple) to full care of the
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