Women's Northern Traditional Breastplate

This is a brand new woman's northern traditional breastplate made in a contemporary style. It is made lightweight by using artificial hairpipe (plastic) and plastic faceted beads. The silver beads are real metal beads and those do add weight to the breastplate. T are 66 pieces of hairpipe, over 300 metal beads, over 400 red plastic faceted beads and over 150 yellow plastic faceted pony beads. The spacers in the breastplate are heavy, black tack leather and t are cowry shells hanging off the bottom. Heavy waxed string was used to thread this item.

This breastplate really shines in the light, whether sunlight or bright lighting in the arena at night. Although these beads are plastic, they are faceted which reflects any light the same way the glass beads would. For all you northern traditional dancers who have never tried a plastic bone hairpipe breastplate, it is wonderful. Not only is it easier to dance all day and night without all that weight around your neck, you do not have to worry about the bones splintering and ripping the string in your breastplate. The artificial hairpipe is also more uniform than the bone hairpipe that is available for sale.


Length: 52" (from top back of neck to bottom of cowrie shells)

Width: 9" (11 hairpipe across)

The dress shown is not included
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