Wonderful 1862 DJ Millard Union Civil War Cavalry Sword

Up for auction is a really nice Model 1860 D.J. Millard Cavalry Saber that was issued and used during the American Civil War. This sabre is in great Original and Complete condition and has the desirable early war date of 1862. These early war dated swords are hard to come by in this condition. This one is government inspected and made by a Rare maker, D.J. Millard from Clayville NY , and would make a nice addition to any collection. If you have this one in your collection it would be very difficult to upgrade. It looks like it was put up after the war and never touched! David J. Millard was a successful entrepreneur before the war broke out. He owned and operated the Paris Furnace Company in Clayville New York , which made farm implements such as hayforks, hoes, scythes, and plowpoints. In December of 1861 the U.S. Ordnance Department offered Millard a contract for 10,000 cavalry Sabers. Millard produced 10,001 cavalry sabres for the government and all of his swords are dated 1862. This sword is from that production and is a quality Sword!

The guard, grip, and blade are all tight to each other and have no play to them at all. The brass has a wonderful patina that displays great! The pommel cap has double inspector's marks of C.E.W., which stood for the Armory inspector of Charles E. Wilson who inspected from 1862-1864 and
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