Wonderful Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Carved Vase

Wonderful Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Carved Vase

Country of Origin: China

Period: Shang Dynasty.About 3,000 years ago.

Measurement:[1 inch=2.5cm]

length 10.2 cm height 15.1 cm

Net Weight: 2.1kg Package Weight:3.0kg

Shipping cost : $85.00

Conditions: Excellent Original as found Excellent condition,No Damage!No reserve! Please wait for all pictures to load, as they illustrate the condition very accurately.


This is an RARE OF Shang dynasty Bronze Carved Vase, About 3,000 years ago., If you are interesting in Chinese antiques,it will be a good condition to display or collect.please don't miss it.

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Please add this exquisite artwork to your collections!

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