Wonderful Jewelry lot ~ Vintage,Rhingestones,14k,G.F,Sterling & So much more!

Hello there, listing one huge lot of jewelry here. Tried my best to take pictures of all of this but lighting was not at its best. I am not going to list each individual pieces in this lot, way too much time to do so. So here is a run down of signed pieces. Nolan Miller, Genuine Crystal,Genuine Garnet and I believe other genuine stones but can not guarantee for sure. Only by what I see AK, Monet, Cookie Lee, Brighton, Lia Sophia earrings, these are missinf earring backing. Kenneth Cole, Roman, Faux Pearls, There are many sets of either Necklace-Bracelet-Ring, or Earrings-ring. There is a beautiful 14k Gold Cultured Genuine Pearl necklace mark 14k JCM are several pieces that are marked 1/20 10k or 1/20 14k Gold and some Gold filled pieces also marked here. There are a few pieces of Sterling Silver, and I know a lot of Gold/Silver electroplate. There are some nice Vintage, Beautiful Rhinestones pieces also. Lots of Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Pins, Watches a gold tone Geneva looks new, and two others with matching Bracelet like new also. There is so much more here, over 200 pieces, I believe I counted 18 sets. Lots of nice boxes included in this also, there are only a few that appear to be worn due to age. Can not tell you if there are any solid gold pieces, if there is they are not marked that I could see but you never

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