Wonderful Vintage Haile Selassie Ethiopian Made Rug

Rugs of HIM Haile Selassie are a rare item in Ethiopia today.Yes you can see one or two at a couple of different shops but those same rugs have been t for years at 4 figure prices.The owners know how rare they are and are in no hurry to sell them.I was extremely fortunate to find this"prayer rug"style at a reasonable price and with the much rarer"military"look.Better still this is the nicest condition rug I have ever seen.Colors are still bold with no sign of wear and tear.Full fringe when in most cases it has disappeared.It does have two wooden handles for hanging.This is probably why rug is in such good condition.These braces are not original I suspect but can be easily removed if desired as merely tacked in.Rug measures 34" x 18".Ethiopian woven velvet with great detail.No problems other than a non-offensive musty smell that if you have been in an Ethiopian shop is instantly recognizable.A very rare buying opportunity.All original,purchased in Ethiopia.Thanks.......Noted collector Jah Jim adds the following; It's Italian made, late 1950's. My archive is blessed to have two, one each facing to the left and right. I've also owned two others which I resold. One of my two was framed and in the World Of Reggae, Featuring Bob Marley Exhibition that we had for 8 months of 2001 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach