wood-block print of Japanese ukiyoe. HIROSHIGE EDO HYAKKEI JAPAN 44

Welcome to my auction!
These goods are the wood-block print of Japanese ukiyoe.
Goods have a little breakage thin at the back.
The size should refer to the scale (40 cm in length) in a photograph.
(Please be careful of the following points) When you have a question about goods, please be sure to ask a question before a tender.
It is awarded without asking a question, and it is unreceivable even if a claim is said after dispatch.
Those who wish to have the goods of a perfect state must not tender a bid.
The refundment claim of paypal cannot be accepted, either. Although the dispatch method is shipped by standard mail, when the amount of money for a successful bid exceeds 250USD, since it ships by EMS mail, a mailing cost is changed.
Please keep in mind that days until goods arrive change with areas.
Goods are stored into the bag of vinyl, and are inserted and shipped by thick Kami.