Wood Cook Stove from Estate Stove Company

Manufactured by

The Estate Stove Company of Hamilton Ohio.

It is an " Estate # 240 Smoke Consumer "

I believe it if from pre 1884, but could be as late as 1905, because the company named was changed in 1884 from Estate Stove Co. to F & L Kahan Brothers but some were still produced under the orig. name

Was used untill recently when we bought bigger stove, it has been on our covered back porch for a few weeks but is a little dirty in the pictures.

It is a potbelly stove without the standard potbelly middle.

The solid cast iron stove, that could often be found warming trains, has a flat base which helped steady the stove in the moving locomotives. The two rods that run along the sides were used to secure the stove into the floor of a railcar to prevent the stove from tipping over if the train derailed.

The thick rimmed top features a removable cooklid. Wood is loaded from the front door.

Primary and secondary draft controls provide for total control of the heat output and an added bonus is the ash removal door at the bottom of the stove

- we still uesd to cook on !

It originally came out of a Railroad depot in the Kansas City Mo area.

If you have any question please ask before bidding - I respond quickly to emails!

It comes apart
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