Wood Spirit carving on wooden egg. OOAK ARTifact.

This Wood Spirit carving is on a wooden egg. This egg has some spalting from being exposed to the elements before being carved. He is an amused old fellow with some interesting darker marks on his chin and one eye. He would look good sitting on your window sill or desk. This egg is the size of a chicken egg.

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This item is by Rex “Twigmeister” Mitchell, a self taught wood carver living in Oregon. He will carve a wood spirit on most any wooden object he can get his hands on. He carves Wood Spirits onto house hold implements and tools and calls them ARTifacts. He also carves walking or hiking sticks from locally harvested wood. Besides woodspirits he carves old people, sasquatch, bears, horses, wizards, and just about anything that you might imagine.

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Wood Spirits were born out of the phrase “Knock onwood”. Hundreds of years ago the forestswere dark and forbidding places, travelers would knock on a large tree beforegoing into the woods to ask for guidance and protection from the spirit
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