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Scott's Knots
Woodcarvings By Scott Powers

Greetings and Thank you for visiting us on eBay where we sell Scott's carvings exclusively . The Lord has blessed us with many new friends through the years, as our carvings have traveled throughout this great land and the world! We are a two person team with Scott doing all the carving and Heidi (that’s me) handling the eBay sales. It all starts with Scott and friends finding the unique knots and limbs from downed trees. Scott says. "This is half the fun. It’s sort of like a treasure hunt!" We Thank God that we live in a truly beautiful area of Oregon surrounded with forests right out our back door. Scott loves carving these gnarled treasures because it's not like starting with a square block of wood. Each piece is truly one of a kind, often twisted and gnarled by the seasons that they spend in the elements where they weather in the sun, wind, and snow. Scott says, "Making faces just comes natural; and I truly believe God has given us all gifts. I also see a correlation in taking something that ‘s only other purpose in life was going to be firewood and turning it into something beautiful . I give Jesus the glory for the gift and also my life."Most of our carvings are from old Ponderosa knots, hence the term "knotheads" and "Scottsknots". No two are ever just alike. They are
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