Wood Wand - Magic Wicca Magick Druid Pagan - Ebony

Wood: Ebony

Origin: Madagascar

Length: 17"

Diameter: 7/8"

Weight: 3.6 oz

Crafted: December 18, 2008

ID #: ebo069

Ebony is considered to be the most powerful of the magickal woods. This rare jet black variety from Madagascar shares all the traits of itâe(tm)s exceptional West African cousin, and adds the divine spark found in Fire.

Friends have trusted me to hand-craft their wands and other implements for years because of nearly a lifetime of woodworking skill and decades as a metaphysical practitioner. Last year several of those friends convinced me to put my work on eBay - and it is!!! Like crystals and herbs, every tree has its own unique qualities. Every wand I create is an individual work of art designed to maximize the innate beauty and natural energy of the wood.

I buff and polish every one of my creations with natural white beeswax to protect the wood and bring out the inner beauty of the grain. I also collect a couple handfuls of shavings as an offering from every wand as I create it to include with your purchase. Every wand is uniquely numbered and comes with a card describing it.

If you prefer something a bit different, or another wood, don't be shy! I have over 130 varieties of domestic and exotic international woods out in my workshop - I am always
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