WOODCUT BOWLSAVER coring system -hollow out/save bowls

Woodcut Bowlsaver coring system with instructions
Save wood, save time, save resources and save money when you use the Woodcut bowlsaver.

A bowlsaving tool that is easy to set up and use . The major difference with this one is that you mechanically set where the blade is going, rather than wasting a lot of time and wood with other coring systems that you have to guess where the blade is going. It is ideally suited turners who want to save the centres of some bowls rather than the centres of hundreds of bowls.

The Woodcut Bowlsaver is the result of years of research and development and has been designed with both amateur and professional turner in mind. Bowls can be produced safely and easily within minutes of set up using the instructions provided.
After initial assembly the Bowlsaver is easily positioned and adjusted for each bowl or sets of bowls, making it suitable for large or small volume work loads. Cutting support is provided by the tool post and tail stock, providing a very stable platform to create either nests of bowls or just save an extra blank or two of a highly prized burr.

Check out Youtube "Woodcut Bowlsaver" to see it in action.

Main Features:

- Two High Strength resharpenable Stellite tipped blades.

- Safe and easy to use for all skill levels.

- Accurately removes
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