Wooden Carvings Sculptures-Elephants-Monkeys-Trees-Bird

One of a kind superior quality and rare sculpture masterwork. Works of art are splendorous beyond imagination. You can admire them, bring them into your home or office, or keep for memory. I'm not 100% sure this is Teakwood, but from my research this is what I found it to be on the website, . Teak is used because it is just soft enough to carve and yet hard enough to resist natural erosion well. Moreover the wood is naturally resistant to wood mites, termites, and other insects. Wood carving has retained its economic and cultural importance for hundreds of years. Wood carvings have symbolic, aesthetic and ceremonial values. As you will see from this site, the value is huge ... anyw from $5,000 - $15,000.

This wood carving includes trees, elephants, monkeys, birds, deer and so much detailing that you could look for hours and keep finding hidden carvings.

The measurements of the carving I have offered is 45" tall X 111" long X 7.5" deep. It is enclose in a heavy wood frame suitable for mounting on a wall or standing on the floor. T is dust on the carving as it has been in my gargage for some time. I can find a tail on an elephant is broken, but not noticable because of all the detail envolved. I am selling as is with no returns. I will offer more pictures upon request if necessary. This is a very heavy item, so you
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