Wooden DOLLS HOUSE.Fully Constructed Incomplete project

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6 Rooms

Hinged 1 piece Frontage

A kit bought and lovingly constructed for my daughter, who didn't like it as it was not Sylvannian or Playmobile!

This has been an unfinished project now for 10 years

It needs a new owner and home.

Kit originally cost £100 and was described as a Georgian Mansion.

The work done is to a very good standard, all sanded and preped for whatever the next owner wishes to do... to try and get her interest we let her do an interior job 7/8 years ago! Failed so the interior needs a complete makeover!

Won't be a 60minute Job!!!!

But this is a Bargain Buy for someone wanting a Project or a Summer Hobby for the kids to have a go at for a small layout in cost...

The staircase unfortunately suffered in an accident and the Door Panel is somewhere in the house i am looking for it!

But it may be lost and can be easily replaced.

This is still a Good Value House for a Willing and Loving Owner to stamp their own design Mark.
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