Wooden Growler Carrier / Carry Your Beer In Style

Kelly's Wooden Growler Carrier
The clear and amber growlers in the photos are NOT part of this purchase. They are shown for scale and proportion only and are NOT for sale.

The quickand short of it: As I started enjoying beer in growler quantities, Iwanted something to carry my growlers, as well as keep them upright in the SUV. Then after I washed them, I got tired of the water and a little sediment sitting and crusting up at the bottom of the bottle. Mmm...what to do? I invented Kelly's Wooden Growler Carriers!

This Wooden Growler Carrier is made to easily carry two growlers of your favorite beer! You will definitely get an approving nod when you walk in to your favorite brew pub carrying one of these! Each of our Growler Carriers is hand made, and one of a kind.

This particular carrier is made of pine with 3 coats of lacquer. I love the way the grain and knots show. I just think it fits with craft brews. So I've stained the carriers so you'll see some pretty cool grain and knot patterns. T are six screws in this carrier, 16 nails, plus a touch of glue. Yeah, she's built! A bit overbuilt. Of course, I plugged the screw holes with wood taken from another end of the board, so the grains match up pretty good.

The handle has a nice arc to it, and the hole is big enough to get your fingers in, even if you're wearing
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