Rare Wooden PA Pennsylvania Railroad Vintage Antique Passenger Exit Sign Painted

This is a very rare hand-painted Pennsylvania Railroad wooden directional sign. The paint is faded, and the images were hard to capture, but take your time to look at the pictures to understand what this is.
The sign is about 8-3/4" by 21-3/4" on a piece of solid hardwood. It has the Pennsylvania RR logo in the center, panted in yellow and red. The left side has block letters, EXIT, painted in red with blue outline . The right side is a hand pointing to the right. The white fingernails and shirt cuff is easiest to see in the picture, and possibly intended to resemble the hand of an Afro-American (ba sed upon historical placement of this s ign) . My hand illustrates the figure in image 5. The outer perimeter is outlined in a faint green pinstripe. Starting in the lower left corner, in about 1" block letters, it appears to have said PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD in yellow paint. Mounting holes are found on all four corners.
Con dition: Patina overall from age with expe cted wear. I have never tried to clean the surface, whi ch migh t reveal brighter colors. One small (nail h ole?) just above center middle.
I think suggesting that this sign is more than 100 years old is not a n exag geration .
I have had this piece in my collection for years and have yet to find another. I do not know when or how it was used. It is
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