Beautiful Wooden Pink Dolls House

This wooden doll house is a wonderful toy for your child and friends to endlessly play with. The solid free standing wooden house is a beautifully constructed ready to provide hours of fun.
Designed and detailed to encapsulate the feeling of modern English housing with its 3 stories will aid your child’s understanding of how a house is structured as they move through each room.
Your child will be able to interact with the house easily with its double opening front doors and removable roof, enabling them to play anywhere in the dolls house with ease.
The wooden dolls house is a pink and white coloured solid wooden structure.
Hinged opening front door, front panels so that your child can see through and interact the dolls house.
The wooden dolls house is also accessible from above with its removable roof, so that kids can interact with second storey and third storey.
Each level has its own staircase so your child can move dolls around the house in a natural manner.
There is some minor damage which I have shown pictures off a tiny bit to the roof and where my daughter had a sticker. There may be the odd pencil mark inside here and there but I'll give it a good clean.
Collection from Giffard park

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