Woodie's Handmade Blue Buckeye Burl Fountain Pen

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A Unique one of a kind creation featuring Buckeye Burl and Redheart accent.

This elogantly unique Fountain Pen is one that I handcrafted out of Blue Buckeye Burl and features a Redheart band accent. Styled after the highly recognized Parker(tm) of the 1920's. The top of the pen features a screw cap assembly that makes it very smooth and easy to remove and the pen can be used with the top mounted on to the back if you prefer, or with the top unattached and laying down on your desk.

I have shortened the pen down to w it is just 4 1/2" long with the cap closed on the pen and it is perfect for anyone who likes a stylish yet shorter in length writing instrument. With the pen opened and in use, it is 6" in length. With this in mind it is perfect for a small handbag or clutch purse, or just to say you own a one of a kind "Woodie" creation.

It features Gold fittings trimmed with black and it has a polyurethene high gloss finish on the outside for a lifetime durability as well as a mirror shine to it. It will come in a Light Grey Velvet Display Case that you can keep it in if you prefer or you can take it out and use it for everyday use. Your pen will come with an ink cartridge and be fully ready to either write with,or give that special loved one in your life
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