Woodland Scenics SubTerrain Lot

Woodland Scenics SubTerrain Lot

So I had this great ambition to build an enourmous N-Scale Layout and it just didn't happen, my loss your gain. I have purchased over a thousand dollars in parts to build this layout that I am now selling in 3 differnet lots. This is the second lot, I will try to decribe as best as I can.

Over 50 pieces

SubTerrain DVD - Build a Layout Fast & Easy (a how to video)

Woodland Scenics Foam Cutter

Woodland Scenics Foam Cutter Bow & Guide

Woodland Scenics Plaster Cloth = 2

Woodland Scenics Foam Pencils & Nails

Glue Gun with extra glue sticks

Tacky Glue

Over 40 pieces of Woodland Scenics Risers, Inclines, Profile Boards and Foam Sheets (all different sizes and lots of them)

All the pieces are virtually brand new (some are). I never made it past 1st base on this layout. Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for looking and