Woodstock Workshop landscape, vintage oil, xclnt!

Woodstock Workshop landscape, vintage oil, xclnt!
Beautifully rendered Woodstock Workshop landscape by H. Harvey.
Painting is an oil on canvas panel. Measures 12 x 16"; with frame, 16 x 20". Painting is in excellent condition; frame has a few dings. Signed LR "H. Harvey"; verso, labels from Woodstock Workshop, New York. Estimate age to be mid-century or earlier.
H. Harvey was one of the Woodstock Impressionists at a time when Depression-Era artists were living outside "The City", meaning away from New York. Many of them were enrolled in the WPA (Works Progress Administration) in the Federal Arts Project. Their popular conceptual works were dubbed "Impressionism", which were sold during the 1930's, 40's and 50's in various venues, mostly in department stores, at prices ranging from $1 to about $10. In today's economy, this amount would be about $50-$350.
Most of these paintings were small, 4" x 6" and slightly larger 8" x 10" and were on cheap "student board" or "canvasboard", which is canvas stretched on and glued to heavy cardboard.
In addition to Harvey, these Woodstock artists included Doris Lee, Paul Arndt, Elizabeth Street and Louis Safier. They loaded their paintings from the corner of a tiny breakfast cafe into a "woodie" station wagon on Sunday mornings. They drove them to the Fifth-Avenue Gallery
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