Woodworking Carpentry Stair building DVD tools video

Dear FellowWoodworkers:

This is volume one in the Stairguy series , a production that is about stair building techniques and the jigs that were developed and perfected in the field for many years while being used in practical applications. Note: These are not cute, self help and often worthless ideas like the ones found in the editorials of many home building and woodworking magazines. These jigs, when implemented, will become as important to you as your hammer, miter saw, air nailer or your table saw. However, this DVD is more than just about stair building; it is about a woodworking attitude with creation through invention.
When the Stairguy video was originally conceived, the foremost objective was to have a mission statement that made it clear that the ideas, that had been put forth, eventually become a great addition and asset to the carpenter's tool box. It couldn't matter whether they specialized in stair building or not, only that the information would be useful and relative regardless of their area of expertise
All the ideas and jigs were developed and first used by professional carpenter and stair specialist Roland Scholler, aka, The Stairguy. . Mr. Scholler has honed his proficiency in the stair building field for over 25 years and because of his dedication to the stair building field he has enjoyed
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