WORKING BC-611 radio with power supply

WORKING BC-611 radio with power supply. This BC-611 actually works with the included power supply. The power supply runs off of 4 D cells. No having to rig together 11 9 volts like some people do. The power supply comes from a ham radio guy in Italy for $70.

NOTE: I DO NOT KNOW HOW WELL THIS WORKS . It turns on, you hear static and the mic keys correctly and all, but that's all I can tell. I do not know if it needs to be tuned or aligned. That is beyond my abilities. I can't tell how well it transmits because my other radio is not the same frequency. But it does turn ok. That's all I can say for sure.

It is in really nice condition with the exception of the following, which can be seen in the pics. The paint is great, almost new except for the front which is pretty dodgy. I'm almost thinking this got salt water or something sprayed on the front because the rest of the radio looks perfect. It can be cleaned and repainted very easily but that would cover the orange signal corps stamps and the MWO- stamps on the side. T is also corosion damger to the bottom on one side. You can see in the pics, the paint is chipped and t is actually a small piece of metal in the one corner missing. So this does not form a watertight seal at the bottom as it would when issued. Sorry about those defects, but I'll leave it to you to fix.
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