WORKING" Gamewell Fire Alarm Pull Station Box mid 50's

Up for Auction is a terrific "WORKING" Gamewell Fire Alarm Pull Station Box, manufactured in Newton, Mass. The alarm mechanism inside is date stamped September,1956, 55 years ago!

The unit is made of cast aluminum by the Alcoa Corp (stamped on the inner door).

The unit is 16 1/2"(H) x 7 1/2"(D) (including the handle) x 12"(W) at the widest part at the top and 10 1/2" (W) at the box. It weighs almost 22 1/2 lbs.

The box has been repainted at some point in the past by hand and shows normal usage and weathering. There is a reflective FIRE decal on each side.

This unit DOES have a key and the door locks and unlocks smoothly. There is a moveable cover over the keyhole.

I connected the electrical wires and the alarm mechanism inside seems to work well. It actually sends out the box location code that would have gone to the fire station. The female telephone connectors inside are in good condition (no signs of damage). The telephone connector housing seems to be bakelite. The manual wind up spring (possibly for testing) is in good condition.

The box bell is in good condition, however, the bell striker needs some adjustment so it hits the bell more firmly.

All in all this in an exceptional alarm box. Finding a 55 year old working alarm box is unusual and this unit would be a
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