Rare Working Sunbeam Mixmaster Model M4F 1930's Original Paint, Works Great

You are purchasing a very rare original paint Sunbeam Mixmaster model M4F. This was made by the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company between 1931 and early 1932. This model looks to be a crossover from M4F and M4H. It has some of changes to the H but was labeled the F. The H model has a tapered juicer mount that doesn't screw in and has two screws holding the label. This one has those things but is labeled M4F which could make this even rarer? Either way it is very unique.

This mixer still works great and has two different sets of beaters and the original mixing bowl. The only thing missing is the juicer attachment.

Below is an excerpt from the experts in Sunbeam History and identification. Visit their web site for more interesting information.

"Sunbeam Mixmaster (M4) also known as A, B, C, F and H was the first one sold to the public by then Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. in about 1931. Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. was probably making changes very fast during the production of these mixers trying to beat other company's innovations. This mixer was cast iron and very heavy for its size and power (60 watts).

Sunbeam Model M4F

The decal was on top of the motor housing. These mixers packed a whopping 60 watts of power. The juicer bowl screwed to the mixer head on models up to the M4F. Starting with the M4H the
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